equinox island transit
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Equinox island transit
EQUINOX ISLAND TRANSIT is a marine transportation service based in Rockland, Maine. We work statewide, contracting the movement of equipment, people and materials. We work within your parameters—be they timeline, volume or capacity.

We’re known for flexible scheduling. We’ll coordinate all logistics in order to make your transport quick and safe. We offer safe and efficient- year round- travel off the Coast of Maine to foster respect and understanding of the fragile coastal environment and communities.
* Commerical Services: Commerical Research Support, Military Support, Commercial Towing and Custody Seizures, Work Crew Transportation.
* All Seasons Adventure Tours to remote   islands for activities, such as: * Island Community Adventures, such as:
  • hiking
  • photography
  • rock climbing
  • surfing
  • bird watching
  • kayaking
  • camping
  • wedding ceremonies
  • dinner charters
  • Local dining
  • Art gallery events
  • Musical & Theatrical events
  • Bicycle touring
  • Annual festivals
* Opportunities for organizational   development
* Funerals at sea
Our company provides large and small vessels to accommodate your needs. Please feel free to contact us via phone or by email us to schedule a trip or ask us questions. Also, our brochure is available for download.
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